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    Idiom - 'Brain Dead' - Music Video: Now on Scuzz & Kerrang TV!

    Idiom - 'Same Old Songs' - Music Video. Featuring Benji (Skindred) & Shaun (Blackout)



    Hit The Deck!

    We are proud to announce will be playing this years Hit The Deck Festival! click here for more info on this years event!.


    Movement & Same Old Songs Now on Spotify & Itunes

    Movement & Same Old Songs are now on Spotify & Itunes! Click here to view Movement & Same Old Songs on Itunes and click here to listen on Spotify.


    Braindead - now on Kerrang & Scuzz!

    The video for Braindead is now on Kerrang & Scuzz TV's rotation! Click here to view!

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    The same old songs!

    Introducing IDIOM, a DIY quartet of veracious males from the South West of England whose mission is to bring down the house. In a few short years IDIOM have already shared stages with the likes of DevilDriver, 36 Crazyfists, Skindred, (Hed) PE, Aiden, Young Guns, InMe, Bring Me the Horizon, From Autumn to Ashes and Exit Ten, cancer bats, Every time i die plus made appearances at DOWNLOAD, NASS, BLOOD STOCK they also opened for the mighty Devildriver and 36 crazyfists, the band have pushed on and after taking time to write and perfect their debut, they've since played Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell in Ibiza and played a couple of shows with their heroes, Soulfly. Watch this space...

    Members: Matt - Vocals | KG - Guitar | G-bird - Bass | Dan - Drums

    "…I thought the riffs were brilliant. It's really refreshing to hear a British band doing something a bit different…" - Charlie Simpson, Fightstar
    "…One of the most brutally dynamic and forward thinking metal acts in the UK today. This band truly have what it takes…" - Rock Sound Nov
    "…In the blink of an eye Idiom can change from a laid back sound cruising along with the likes of Incubus then blasts into RATM-esque screams with a metal edge…" -

    Music, and metal especially, can be a serious business. This is all well and good, but sometimes, don't you just feel like taking off that scowl and just having some fun? "Our live shows are all about fun," says Idiom frontman Matt Sharland. "It isn't cheap or throwaway, it's about massively respecting what you do. We formed with the sole intention of playing download. So when we finally made it last we were going to enjoy its I guarantee you no band had more fun than weekend than us." If you've ever seen idiom before then you will know that's no idle boast. They are a band that exude confidence and an infectious feel good attitude every time they set foot on stage and, as an audience member, it's almost impossible not to get caught up in it. "Why would people come and see you if you're not going to give them a good time?" Matt asks "we're no joke band but there are a lot of bands that I think are good but I don't have a good time watching them. If we've achieved anything then it's putting a bit of that good time vibe back on the agenda" Idiom certainly are no mugs when it comes to writing catchy, groove ridden melodic metal either. The ep Movement boasts all the bounce and pop nous of nu-metals peak, but given a hardcore sanding down: the influences maybe familiar but the sum of all its parts sounds so very fresh in 2014s music scene. "We could've been just another metal core band," Matt exclaims "we like that music, but we also like faith no more, korn, deftones, all those bands from our childhood were a huge influence. We've been around a while now and that sort of music is starting to come back. People thought we were crazy but music is circular and I knew that what we do would find its way round again. Hopefully metal fans will see that we've been doing it long enough and they'll see that we're the real deal" What ever they do, one thing is for sure: Idiom will be having a great time doing it. - Metal Hammer UK


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